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Pipe Hawk CCTV are leaders in all sized pipe and conduit inspections, from 40mm to 3m +


Based on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia, Pipe Hawk CCTV are industry leaders in CCTV camera inspections for all sized pipes and conduits.

We can assist all industries for any project no matter how small or large, locally or nationwide.

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With the ability to inspect ALL pipeline sizes we offer our services regardless of project size. If you are a large project site manager or simply a home owner with a cracked pipe, please feel free to contact us.

We cater for all size jobs.

From simple domestic pipe blockages or leak detection, to full industrial pipeline studies or civil works, we can cater for your project. Call us today to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

CCTV pipe inspections use a sophisticated robotic camera to drive down a pipe or conduit in order to determine a variety of outcomes including the condition and grade of the pipe.

Yes. Our cameras have built in sondes which allow us to electronically locate their alignment and depth, which we then mark up on the ground. This is also useful for marking up junctions, blockages, defects or any other points of interest.

Our cameras can drive around subtle bends if there are no obstacles or defects in the way. We cannot drive around 90-degree bends as this poses a risk of getting the camera stuck and damage to our camera cable.

All of our CCTV vehicles are fitted with the facilities to do our reporting on site before we leave. Depending on the size of the job you will receive a DVD, flash drive or hard drive with electronic data, as well as the hard copy WinCan reports.

Yes we charge travel one-way from the Gold Coast to areas within a two-hour radius. Travel cost to job sites further than two hours will be prearranged and will depend on the size of the job or project.

This is a common question that is impossible to answer. The inspection time depends greatly on the level of survey required and the condition and length of the pipe. Pipes in worse condition take longer than pipes in good condition due to their being more defects to survey.

Yes we have recently acquired a high quality camera system suitable to take onto aircraft. This has allowed us to travel to remote and rural areas and also overseas to work on various projects. Please call our office to discuss.

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We cater for anyone that needs underground pipe or conduit inspected or located. Just a few of our customers include:

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We service South East Queensland to Northern New South Wales Daily.

We can also service anywhere in Australia by special arrangement, so get in touch if you are outside the standard area.